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Seeing Yan Xiaosu frown, Bosh was frightened. “Chairman Yan, I was wrong. I failed to recognize your augustness. Please forgive me and do not hold it against me. Please rest assured that I guarantee the success of this project. Please, please, give me a chance!”


The defenses of the energy tower had weakened most of the laser, but it still hit the Runaway Amazon. Such power was insufficient to destroy the mech, but the full force of the Earth-rank Freezing Ability X was capable of killing Millis instantly.


The Flames of the Blazing Angel on Wang Zhengs left hand was burning. However, the area was more aggressive. The raging Flames of the Blazing Angel were violently absorbing the power of the flames in the air. Tit for tat!


Round three, the Saruman Snake battle team entered first. It was everyone’s guess as to what other cards they had in their hands. Regardless of who came on, Wang Zheng or Achilles, there was definitely a chance for victory.


It could be seen from this match that regardless of strength, speed, battle tactics, and related experience, this fatty was not the least bit inferior.


It was totally useless for Mu Zhen to even think of using the power of the wood attribute in this space. Once such power had been isolated, the super armour could no longer display its agility. Depending solely on physical techniques?

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Qiqin Nacchai laughed. More of the same? He really thought he was a plaything. If he was perfectly fine, such a strange variation of footwork might have a little use. But as a half-disabled creature, how dare he try to act!


But Wang Zheng saw that Mars was not just exhaling and attacking, but vigorously sucking in a breath. His eyes shone.


A huge, cylindrical radiance descended from the sky and shrouded Wang Zhengs Rune Warrior!


In the Saruman Snake battle team, Achilles was the only one that could be comparable to the Sword Shield Rose in terms of disposition. The meticulous disposition of the people from the Moon was indeed very similar to that of Aslan.


Zhang Zhun had rushed up as well, hurriedly stemming Wang Zheng’s wounds. Damn, he was already so old, and it was not that he had never fought for his life before. But he had almost shed tears just now. He did not cede anybody respect, but this Wang Zheng, he would.


This was the moment to witness a miracle. Having come this far and to this day, Wang Zheng had conquered a great deal. Perhaps he did not feel it himself. But when a person had accumulated miracle after miracle, when he had won battle after battle, he had already conquered the hearts of the people.


There were no battle tactics to consider. The difference in strengths for the team battle between the two teams were very huge. They could only gun for it in the individual battles.



Wang Zheng felt numb, but he did not slow down. Jondi Lilick’s big sword attacked again rapidly and furiously. Before the sword could strike, a warning sign suddenly appeared. The avatar that had been slashed into pieces had transformed into a solid entity, and its Rune Sword had pierced through.



With the current situation, Margate Interstellar Airline could not possibly intervene in the transport route again directly. However, they could earn profits and gain high operability through other methods.


The spiritual power of humans is still restricted. The Runic Matrix is a better way. In simple terms, this way you will be able to obtain more power and use it more flexibly. Youve seen the power of the Atlanteans. You would lose without a doubt given the current condition of your body, Charcoal explained patiently.


“That’s right. Who is the person in charge of KO Group? I’ll go find out more about the situation first,” Dong Er suddenly asked.

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