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He used to think that Bonehead was too crazy. The brutal training sessions seemed to be useless. However, now he felt that they were far from enough!


Si Jiali and a bunch of friends were among those. The Wang Zheng in the past was already very “special”, but they never thought he would return in such a fashion and torment quite a number of people to the point of irritation.


Tan Zheng smiled, or maybe he understood Lears ambition and his modus operandi. Although they both did not know one another, Lear still wanted to take this opportunity to leave a mark. Unfortunately, he did not have the strength. Lin Feng probably did not mean to, it was just that he did not think much of his opponent.


Wang Zhengs Rune Warrior appeared. One arm, one Rune Sword, no matter what, he could not defend against five swords. Maybe he could stop one. But Wang Zheng did everything. He just watched the five swords strike down.


Dong Er was a little surprised, but very happy. As for Wang Zheng having girlfriends before, she did not mind. It would be strange at this age if he had not. And that his ex was Princess Aina was something you could hold your head high about.


A pause. It was still silent, and no one moved. Jondi Lilick did not move a muscle. Logically, he was up next, but he did not move.

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Truthfully, Xie Yuxin thought that these people were really nave. Even if they managed to stall for more time, how could this organisation possibly just watch as they continued to consume food without concern?


The blockage of the two energy nets had forced Lin Feng to retreat. Unconsciously, he had moved closer to the energy wall shield.


Wang Zhengs highlights were all competitions between the academies. However, Lin Fengs highlights were match after match of real battles. To be exact, it was war!


At the very least, Mars did not know this move, and neither did Wang Zheng. Both of them were the same type – they focused on defense. However, Fatty was different. He was scared of dying, and as such, all the moves that could help protect his life, he was able to pick them up once he saw them, and even if he didn’t, he could figure it out on his own. The Ares Art was basically an infinite resource for him to achieve protection of his life.


But looking at the resolution in Yan Xiaosu’s eyes, the doubts in her heart only grew. Was victory actually within this guy’s grasp, or was he just posturing?


Sarabujal stared hard at Wang Zheng sitting composed. When he had reached such a state, he had been 38, and already a leader in the army. After killing countless, he could control his aura at will. This was something that countless life and death moments had brought to him. From the fear of killing to numbness, and finally to understanding. It had been a long-drawn process.


In just two days, the humans’ super invincible intelligence capability exploded instantly, gathering almost all of the top eight players’ background information. Even if they could not find anything, they could fabricate something. Thus, even Atlas and Locatelli had been given a legendary experience, half-truth, half-false. However, the experiences of the Atlanteans and Mayans may be more legendary than the fabrications.



The commentators from all the countries were using their own ways to tease, to wait. Both Wang Zheng and Lin Feng had entered their mecha and were making adjustments.



Battuta looked to the sky and cried in jubilation. He felt damn good! No one had ever fought him this hard. Fantastic, fantastic…


Benefits and status, as well as control of the future, were what everybody fought for. Zhou Yun was not as direct as Pang Tong and Anluda, but he understood. He genuinely wanted to support Lear, as the only representative from Earth. Family background and bloodline would still count for much. But to reap their own benefits from this process, it was not as simple as committing without strings attached. That was just a fool with too many resources. To accomplish anything, the important thing was to gain Lear’s trust. Only then could they benefit.


In the same situation, González was indeed weaker than Qiqin Nacchai by a tier. This guy was the real “over-qualified” member, and it was too much.

  • This was already destructive level. An Earth-rank warrior could easily destroy a city. A normal army could not stop them.
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